Bryan Garza

CHON concert (with Tricot, Polyphia, and TTNG) ( July 26, 2018)

Last month I went to the CHON concert in SF with a friend. Tricot is my favorite band and there was no way I was going to miss the chance to see them live. It was an amazing show. Tricot’s set was a bit short but they played some of my favorite songs including 18,19. Being in a crowd where everyone is immersed in the music is a strange feeling, like when you get shivers down your spine. Towards the end of the concert we went to buy some merch and Tricot was there, so I met them and we took a picture together. Really surprised that even happened, isn’t it rare for bands to just hang out after their set?

Next, I want to see Mass of the Fermenting Dregs. They just released a new album (titled No New World) after 8 years. It’s so damn good x_x. Hopefully I can catch a show when I visit Japan.